Telesto Group Completes Successful System “Go Live” for USTRANSCOM

West Palm Beach, FL – November 7, 2018 – Telesto Group LLC announced today that a major project milestone was successfully completed on November 1, 2018. The United States Transportation Command’s (USTRANSCOM) Transportation Management (TM) prototype went live in production with the first release.

“Telesto Group is proud to be the Lead Systems Integrator for this innovative, global, joint forces project,” said Soren Hastrup, Telesto Group CEO. “We are grateful for the participation of our industry partners from CACI, SAP-NS2, KPMG and Westernacher. Together with the USTRANSCOM leadership, we were able to deliver the system on time, on budget, and according to the planned scope.”

“USTRANSCOM will be leveraging a proven commercial solution with Telesto Group as the SaaS provider,” continued Hastrup. “Many aspects of this project are ground breaking such as the rapid deployment utilizing the Department of Defense’s (DoD) Other Transactional Authority (OTA) acquisition process. We have proven that you can bring technology and deliverables to the men and women of the Joint Forces more swiftly and cost effectively.”

Telesto Group previously announced it was selected to create a prototype, in accordance with 10 USC 2371(b), to upgrade USTRANSCOM’s Transportation Management (TM) solution and support the mission and provide functional, secure, fully-auditable and global solutions that move people, supplies, and equipment to customers during peace and war.  The long-term goal of this initial implementation is to retire a series of transportation legacy systems and create a long-term operational TM solution for USTRANSCOM.