Telesto Group Announces a Multi-Year Agreement to Perform Managed Testing Services and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Support for Major Fortune 500 Company

HAMILTON, NJ—Telesto Group, an SAP Services Partner, announced today that the company will be managing ongoing Quality Assurance Center (QAC)testing operations for a major Fortune 500 company. Telesto Group was chosen due to their proven ability to deliver a holistic ALM methodology and risk-based testing approach that accelerates the testing process and provides greater assurance of solution stability and benefits achievement.

Serving as an independent testing team, Telesto Group will partner with the client to mitigate application deployment risk by effective testing of core business components. Leveraging the latest tools and techniques, Telesto will lower the testing risk by providing greater coverage of critical areas within applications under test.

The Customer implements quarterly functional releases and two major technical releases per year. By engaging Telesto Group to manage testing services, the client is able to accommodate this cyclical surge in demand at no additional cost.  Additionally, Telesto will perform the establishment, maintenance, and reporting of key metrics associated with solution testing that will lead to continuous improvement.

“Telesto Group has been a trusted partner for this Fortune 500 client since 2013,” said Telesto Group Vice President, Tom Waggoner. “We are proud to continue helping our client to structure and transform its capabilities in testing and quality assurancewith the QAC.Additionally, executing from our current Testing Centers in Hamilton, NJ, and West Palm Beach, FL, Telesto is providing a US-based “on-shore” socially sustainable testing capability that is cost competitive with offshore teams. Partnering with local communities, our goal is to provide pre-graduate and entry level IT-opportunities rather than seeing those jobs go offshore.  With wages increasing in the traditional IT offshore centers, we expect to create 200 to 300 jobs over the next few years.”

About Telesto Group

Founded in 2002, Telesto Group is a world-class provider of SAP and ERP ALM services to SAP and our customers. Headquartered in Hamilton, New Jersey, Telesto Group assists small to Fortune 500 private sector and public sector organizations with exceptional expertise in Application Life Cycle Management including: Program Management, Testing Services, Technical Operations, and Transformation & Training Services.

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