Telesto Group Advances to AMMO Prototype Next Phase

Telesto Group today announced an award as the Lead Systems Integrator (LSI) to proceed to the next phase of a prototype for the US Army Enterprise Ammunition Supply Chain System solution. Telesto Group and its subcontractors from SAP™ and Booz Allen Hamilton will support the US Army’s mission to create an integrated and automated end-to-end supply chain system for munitions to meet joint, operational, accountability, visibility, and auditability requirements. According to the government the potential production acquisition with delivery of an Enterprise Supply Chain System for all authorized users for the Military Services includes an estimated value of up to $78M.

The team’s advancement to the next phase was based on exceeding the expectations of the Army’s ammunition community and delivering innovative solutions addressing the soldiers’ needs. “After a frankly impressive phase 1 demonstration, Telesto was selected as the final team out of 12 initial companies to move forward to the next phase,” said Soren Hastrup, Telesto Group CEO. “We love working for the soldier and look forward to finalizing the amazing solution they need and deserve.”