SAP recommends performance testing of any implementation prior to a production rollout. Releases, upgrades, or simple software changes that have not been optimized can result in slow response times, limited scalability, and a poor overall user experience.

Telesto Group’s experienced consultants use the SAP recommended software, HP LoadRunner, to implements rigorous performance test metrics for any given facet of the SAP instance to ensure that optimization will never again be problematic.

HP Performance Center (LoadRunner)

Telesto Group uses HP Performance Center to create a load testing framework that minimizes implementation and support costs by reducing cycle times and using industry best practices to create an efficient performance test harness.

By implementing HP LoadRunner, root causes of performance degradation and bottlenecks may be pinpointed. Telesto Groups consultants understand both the load testing software and application under test (AUT), leading to increased efficiencies by combining functional and technical skills.