End-to-end management of an application throughout its lifecycle is the benchmark for a successful software implementation. This begins with the design and blueprint phase, continues with development and go-live, and extends to post-go-live support. Telesto Group has a great number of success stories in application lifecycle management (ALM) implementations, due to many years of experience as well Telesto Group’s affinity for efficient business practices. Telesto Group strives to discover and remain at the forefront of the best methods that may be utilized to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance the quality of systems to aid in the successful delivery of applications, no matter what the situation.

ALM Quick Start

Telesto Group has application lifecycle management down to a science. With over a decade of related corporate experience, Telesto Group has exactly what is needed to bring ALM efficiency to complex organizations. Telesto Group’s ALM Quick Start package introduces the experience, templates, and best practices to harness the untapped potential locked within a customer’s system data.

ALM Strategic Services

SAP implementations are typically designed based upon customer business needs that are established at a particular point in time. After the hard work of a lengthy SAP implementation, users often face the challenge of how to sustain their IT solution in a constantly shifting business landscape. IT departments field project after project in an attempt to keep up with the demands coming from business changes, such as process improvements, adjustments to new market situations, acquisitions, mergers and divestitures. But how can IT manage through the fast growth of data? How can they test ever-changing scenarios with a lack of meaningful test data? How can IT apply organizational changes to the data structure without increasing the business risk and budget, and without compromising business efficacy?

ALM Test Tools

The right set of software testing tools is necessary to ensure that the software application deployment is fast and effective. Managing a release lifecycle becomes far simpler with Telesto Group’s guidance. Telesto Group brings experience with various testing tools such as HP Quality Center, HP Quick Test Pro, and SAP TAO, which will empower your organization with the essential know-how to rigorously, yet swiftly test your application releases.