Quality software is critical for day-to-day business operations. When software experiences downtime or is otherwise inoperable, business can be brought to a standstill. Telesto’s software experts will work with customers to determine the best use of software and provide support to help keep businesses running smoothly.

Application Support

Telesto Group offers a comprehensive application support package for SAP ALM and HP products. Utilizing Telesto Group for application support results in fewer defects and rework in production, more streamlined application support pack upgrades, and faster recovery from downtime.

Telesto Group application support services include:

Telesto Group offers application support services for the following solutions:

  • SAP Test Data Migration Server (SAP TDMS)
  • SAP Test Acceleration and Optimization (SAP TAO)
  • HP Quality Center (HPQC)
  • SAP Solution Manager (SAP SolMan)
  • HP LoadRunner / HP Performance Center
  • HP Quick Test Pro (HP QTP)
  • HP Unified Functional Test (UFT)
  • HP Business Process Testing (BPT)
  • HP Sprinter
  • WorkSoft Certify