A curriculum is created to define a desired learning goal or objective. It may be in the form of a single instructional unit, a course, or a sequence of courses. Telesto Group’s education and training developers are highly skilled in the techniques and theories behind a successful curriculum definition and design taking into account a pragmatic and practical approach to the clients’ desired end results.

Telesto Group’s approach to curriculum design includes:

  • A general listing of content and performance standards (student learning outcomes or objectives) for each content area
  • A long-term scope and sequence of what to teach and in what order
  • A pacing calendar of when to teach it and how long to take in doing so
  • A list of related learning activities
  • A recommendation of assessments to use
  • A list of required or recommended materials and resources

Whether designing and developing a curriculum for 30 or 30,000 users, Telesto Group has the experience to guide and create a successful training program.